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CaptionGrandmaster Bow Sim Mark Grandmaster Mark is one of the foremost exponents of internal Chinese martial arts (neigong) in the world.

Her areas of expertise include tai chi (taijiquan), pakua (bagua), hsing yi (xing yi), and wudang sword. After extensive training in both traditional kung fu and competition wushu in China, Grandmaster Mark emigrated to the United States and settled with her family in Boston MA. She established the Chinese Wushu Research Institute in Boston’s Chinatown in 1976.

Over the next 40 years, she achieved international renown as an instructor, author, and performer.

Instructor: As founder and president of the CWRI and the Bow Sim Mark Tai Chi Arts Association, Grandmaster Mark established the first training program for competition wushu in the US. She also created a number of original forms, from the beginning-level Taste of Tai Chi to advanced sets such as Dragon Fan, Tai Chi Ribbon, and Cultivation of Tai Chi. Many of her students are teachers and champions in their own right (see Instructor Directory).

Author: Grandmaster Mark has written over a dozen books on tai chi and weapon forms, and created a series of instructional videos that are popular with students and teachers around the world. She has also published numerous articles on effective tai chi practice and correct technique in publications such as Inside Kung Fu.

Performer: Grandmaster Mark’s performances in China, Europe, and the US have been greeted with acclaim for decades. Her performance team, comprised of her students, has participated in events such as Boston’s Dragonboat Festival and First Night celebration. She has appeared on television news and arts programs in the US and China many times. Mark is also credited with the development of “wushu theater,” using martial techniques for storytelling in theater pieces based on traditional Chinese folk tales.


教學: 麥師傅是中國武術研究所、和麥寶嬋太極武藝協會的創始人兼總裁。她是第一位在美國編辦專為武術競賽的課程。她新創各種套路包括太極入門、高深的太極龍形扇、太極絲帶、和太極精華等。不少學員已成為武術、太極教練和冠軍。她曾在波士頓各大學教導太極,包括波士頓大學和哈彿大學。

著作: 麥師傅編寫和出版十多本武術叢書,和十多套武術教學視頻,行銷世界各地,深受教練和學員的讚揚。她亦發表多篇有關太極的論文,包括發表在工夫雜誌。

表演: 數十年來,麥師傅在中國和歐美各地表演武術。其學員的武術隊常應邀表演,包括波士頓龍舟節和元旦節。受歐美和中國傳媒多次訪問,詳加報導推崇。麥師傅開拓武術藝術,創編武術劇,用中國古典音樂和武術動作來表述故事。



Published the first book on Combined Tai Chi Chuan.


Co-founded the National Wushu Association of America.


One of 10 masters of the world to perform at, and represent the World Martial Arts Exhibition.


Gold Medalist at First International Taijiquan/Jian Competition, Wuhan, China.

1992 – 1994

Taught at the American Repertory Theater student program at Harvard University.

1994 and 1996

Named Inside Kung Fu magazine’s “Woman of the Year”.


Inducted into the Hall of Fame by Black Belt Magazine.


 Profiled in “Grande Dame of Wu Dang,” a feature article in the Boston Globe.


Received a “Sojourner Award” by the Chinese Historical Society of New England.


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Subject of cover story in Boston Globe magazine, “The Way of the Ribbon and the Sword”